Your Best Companion Network/Data Installer
Our senior experts and specialists have deep IT-knowledge and expertise - and our business is always focused on one thing: that our customers IT environments are secure and accessible, all year round, around the clock 

Fujikura Mass Fusion Splicer 90R kit series

Our expert teams use the latest Fujikura and Sumitomo products for Fusion Splice 
-Splicing Fiber with Sumitomo Electric's Q502S Fusion Splicer-

Love Smart Solutions

Let us help modernizing yours! Innovations in network technology and cloud computing provide numerous business opportunities and carry huge economic potential
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Network for Bandwidth

KOBsecurity Ltd prepares your network for bandwidth-hungry applications, big data load, cloud, voice and video. Now and in the future

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High Availability

In a competitive market where almost every operation depends on the network, a flexible infrastructure, high availability, and predictable performance are key factors for your success

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We Know How Crucial

At KOBsecurity Ltd, we know how crucial your network is and we know how business continuity may suffer even from minor disruptions

To be your “Best Companion“ is our Goal!

KOBsecurity fibre optic cabling system testing includes light source and power meter and OTDR inspection of optical cables and fibre optic fusion splice quality assurance. Termination and testing would normally include termination to a patch panel in the comms room at one end of the cable and termination to a module at the user end. KOBsecurity Ltd optical fibre fusion splice and OTDR test expertise includes quality installation

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About us

KOBsecurity acts quickly, agile and flexible, together with our customers. We work very hard to make our customers feel special, seen, and heard. As a customer of KOBsecurity, you always have access to the very best people within in the industry, who are there to help you with your IT needs. Our employees are the very best at what they do and are well trained and certified in the very latest technology


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